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CHANGE … which Values and Empowers your Team January 28, 2016

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Many people find it extremely difficult to grow their organizations, because they feel that size alone restricts their ability to manage the company expansion, while still trying to maintain the same feel and culture. They sense that they can’t be on top of all of the issues as they have in the past… Guess what? … You can’t!
The critical element is that this is very much about scaling an approach of excellence across new people, new processes and then getting the desired results. The “why” of valuing your people is really the solution to the issue of managing your growth while scaling with an eye to quality. More importantly when you are people-centric you now have the ability to be the leader not the manager. This approach encourages the growth you so desperately want to encourage.

Six Rules for Change - Diagram by Esther Derby
Even more importantly, you can now duplicate and innovate as you grow because your people bring their best ideas as well. It is all about insuring that there will be ongoing productivity and your team itself can respond to challenges that may not exist currently.

The critical question then becomes “how” can I accomplish this… when I have been hands-on for such a long time? This can be a challenge but begin to build a team you can trust and then connect with them. You should know, and they should know, that you will always back them up with your support when they take care in their decision making. Be consistent in your expectations and your feedback. An article by Jeff Haden, that was in Inc Magazine, may quickly offer you a sense of these ideas and why it is so important.

You should set objectives that make sense and expectations that are transparent to your team. The balance comes in your people leadership, and how you respond to your employees and celebrate their success and innovation. If there is a need to critique or criticize, don’t do it in a public forum that would serve to embarrass or impede that enthusiasm. Encourage a sense of value for ways to continually enhance the process and increase the product improvement.

This is a way to grow … and more importantly grow your team in the process.

Dan Werner
The Performance Detective


Cowboys Vision of Planning Excellence January 20, 2016

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Cowboys Headquarters Ground Breaking

Being part of a small Business Team that constantly strives for excellence both on and off the field, is of necessity both constantly challenging and always a continuous improvement process. I had the good fortune to work alongside both Tex Schramm, the Cowboys President and Tom Landry, our Legendary Head Coach, for over 16 years. The approach was consistent in every aspect… how can we find success in the smallest of details and how can we improve on the previous results. A restless pursuit of excellence in each facet of our business.

So to was the approach in our Headquarters plans for a new home in the early 80’s. We were looking for a dynamic way to achieve both the advantages of more working space with the ingenuity of making a statement of who we really were in the sports world. Rick Gosselin, columnist from the Dallas Morning News, interviewed me for his recent article about our blueprint to uncover that vision for excellence.

Tex had a dream as did Coach Landry that you set yourself apart by expecting more. Those of us on the inside were part of a daily effort to think through vital ways that would update and improve our final product. We lived an approach that assumed that vigilance and innovation can be embraced especially when it is well planned and executed. Pride of authorship was not even an option as it was always about uncovering ways for vital improvement.

The importance of the facilities alone was not in the buildings but in the overall . We were making decisions on a daily basis that impacted new ways to innovate. Long before there was a premium on business school analysis or the latest book on business excellence; we were constantly looking for new opportunities to improve. Every day we looked for new ways in finding and selecting talent, in understanding better training regimes, in creating business initiatives, in process improvement, the game day experience, quality control, change management, system utilization, and ultimately fan and customer service. The lessons would guide any business today on a track for excellence.

To be part of that all inclusive approach is to live and breathe that commitment. It is not about the planning but in understanding that each of the people on your team bring great ideas and realizing it is possible to go from good to great in every effort. We reached for the best because we believed and we were believed in!.

Dan Werner
The Performance Detective

Make Business Operations Understandable – Just Run it! June 1, 2012

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In today’s business news… many authors develop a complex scheme for either the roll-out of an initial  business plan or the careful measurement of an ongoing process improvement strategy. It’s always refreshing to see someone break it down to the elements that allow small and medium size businesses to both understand the process and more importantly implement changes that make sense.

In today’s world of sound bites and social media cryptic comments, it is also helpful to bring the basics of sound planning and common sense to the entire process.  Dick Cross (  http://dickcross.com/about-dick ) wrote the book Just Run It! ( http://dickcross.com/just-run-it ) to accomplish that and much more.  What resonates about his approach is that many of us ( @PerformDetectiv ) have already been using these same approaches to help entrepreneurial leaders get a handle on the basic elements of their business without losing them in the process.

Dick’s four dimensions that describe all businesses are intuitive in that they capture the essence of  our efforts; what are our needs, how are we positioned, who are our customers, and what are our competencies.  These basics can indeed be understood from the back of an envelope or in short order by any member of the business team.

The other areas of exploration include understanding analytics and using metrics to stay up with changes. His “Vision Strategy Execution” really takes theory and roll-out from “tactical” to “practical”. He also understands that it then becomes important to stay up with the changing business environment to remain nimble in our ever evolving economic landscape. He dots the i’s and crosses the t’s with his “VERDICT” approach and actions going forward.

Along the way he emphasizes the importance of getting-the-word-out and the refreshing understanding that “endorsements” and “satisfied customers” will grow the business ten times more than any effort to just advertise or use traditional promotional tools.

This is a very healthy understanding of how business really works and growing your bottom line. A terrific read and thorough approach … How to succeed by understanding… and trying!

Use Vision, Strategy and Execution…

The Performance Detective