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Maintain your Best Practices or start a Continuous Improvement Initiative or begin a Change Management program? March 1, 2010

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The question for thousands of small to medium-sized businesses is really… in what direction should we be moving?  Most successful smaller companies have enjoyed a reasonable amount of continuing business.  But they want or need to be vigilant or proactive as they move forward.  So what direction or business element should you be looking at?  Too many companies take an either/or approach in what to monitor within their own business.

An effective first approach is to both carefully evaluate the direction of the market and also measure your own customer’s temperature. It is imperative to also look internally at what you are currently doing and find out if you can improve your own effectiveness.  When and organization is most successful it provides for a measure of continuous improvement and engages its own employees in this active process.

Frequently we take a snapshot look at what we do and fail the litmus test of building a dynamic organization where our own people consistently contribute and grow our best practices. Why is it so easy to forget about the actual process that started the business down a road of growth and expansion?

People and the energy of their approach make just as much a difference as all of the attention paid to good planning and the ongoing concerns over the details of product or services delivery.  Today, companies that  look at their operations as a morphing target are more likely to be successful in the long run.  The expression that everything changes and nothing stays the same continues to be the challenge of today’s business environment regardless of the economic playing field.

Begin to know why you are doing the things you do and you will have a greater appreciation of how to be conducting your business.

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