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Tune-up time … do you have a handle on your “Inside Big 5” … probably not! February 19, 2010

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You can breakdown the internal workings of any company into five fundamental categories... The Inside Big Five.  Everyone in the company should know your approach in all of these critical areas.  They include how you interact with your people, the relative understanding of your  product and services, how you handle your ongoing business planning, how you manage your fundamental processes and finally the execution of  your day-to-day performance.

It all sounds pretty simple doesn’t it? … if you are indeed already attending to each of these areas.   Obviously it gets more complicated in the actual execution, but starting with these fundamentals is essential to understanding your business.  Frequently a professional business detective can more easily uncover the strengths and weaknesses in your business.  But this is only possible if someone has real access and you allow that person to come in and understand how you approach all of these areas.

Think of it as a surprise safety inspection… if your are really doing all of the things where you want to be performing efficiently, then a real check-up will validate your operation.  If not, then the worst that can be said is that you will begin to understand more about those areas where you need to direct your efforts.

This type of check-up really has little to do with changing your business plan or making radical adjustments in your corporate goals… or does it?  It really has meant that people begin to understand where and how and what they might need to be doing to actually improve productivity.  Too often we take for granted that what we did last year or how we did something for the past few years, will more than allow us to continue to make progress.

In this day and time if you are standing still… you are going backwards.  Call the Performance Detective for your first professional check-up and you’ll be surprised what you find.



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