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Elementary my dear Watson… January 20, 2010

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Is it business-as-usual in today’s business climate?

Many would say … “far from it!”  But the basic information necessary for truly understanding your people, your process, your product and ultimate your Profit are still there… Albeit  that basic information can be hidden from you for a variety of reasons.  Possibly having fresh eyes like a Sherlock Holmes or maybe more importantly having an intuitive perspective that allows the appropriate discernment to take place. That’s what The Performance Detective provides.

All business, just like a good police department, not only need a set of  “fresh eyes” but also someone trained to gather and examine both the obvious facts and uncover the subtle clues at “the scene-of-the-crime”. We are frequently amazed that the resulting report or business summary seems so apparently obvious once the sum total of information is gathered and then appropriately presented.

We all need the chance to step-back from the immediate glare of both familiarity and a traditional expectation, and then try to look at all of the pertinent facts with a fresh set of eyes.  It is helpful to have someone gather that information who both possesses a wide variety of business experiences but also knows to avoid jumping to conclusions early in the gathering process.  It is also critical to relentlessly probe, and question, and examine, and look, and record, and then review ALL of the information and the people that make up the “scene of the crime”.

Too often this investigative task is colored by both intimacy and bias. The initial report or informative study needs to simply evaluate “what” has occurred and attempt to uncover the breadth of the “how“, but most importantly not delve into the “why” if you really want a productive understanding  of the case at hand.

Eventually developing an impartial report or organizing a set of marching orders for a new direction, or even deciding on a solid commitment to stay-the-course,  becomes an entirely separate and impartial effort.  It is quite easy to either simplify or gloss over the existing business environment or to complicate and over-study the issues.  In the case of  “good detective work” it really is important to clearly see and uncover as many of the facts as possible to ultimately know what is truly happening.  It’s surprising to learn,what any of us can really have missed, when it seemingly is right in front of us.

The Performance Detective wishes you good luck and good hunting, but … be careful out there!



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